Why is this Register needed?

Staff from the Life Science industry engage with NHS staff and patients on a daily basis. It is important that these interactions take place within a professional, ethical and safe framework.

We know that Trusts are looking to confirm the identity, credentials and training status of individuals who visit their sites.

Currently the responsibility for this lies with each individual Trust and they have sought a variety of means to address this challenge. This has led to variable practices in the standards and processes used within the NHS to check the status of industry staff on site – there has been a lack of consistency.

What will the Register do?

The LSI National Credentialing Register, in collaboration with the NHS and the Academy for Healthcare Science, and powered by MIA, provides a route to protect the public and assure the NHS that company representatives admitted to sensitive areas are properly trained and are fully aware of their responsibilities.

In turn this will ensure the NHS and private sectors fulfil its duty of care to protect patients and ensure safe surgical and clinical outcomes.

The LSI National Credentialing Register, powered by MIA, is an efficient and effective national solution for industry and the NHS.

In providing a route to protect the public and assure the NHS, this Register will;
  • Establish, and periodically validate against, minimum acceptable standards for registrants and training provision
  • Maintain the required standards of conduct, education, training and health & safety criteria
  • Provide a single point for NHS staff and the public to verify an individual’s status against agreed criteria and eligibility to engage with the NHS
  • Support Trusts with regard to credentialing and management of conflicts of interest
  • Support the improvement of standards without restricting access to approved individuals.

To ensure the highest standards of governance, the Register has been independently accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. This is the same Body that accredits other significant registers:

ID Badges

All registrants will be issued with a credentialing badge confirming their registration and MIA appointment system access.

  • The MIA appointment system is in use in 250 healthcare sites across the UK.
  • In England over 80 NHS trusts use the system.
  • Two NHS health boards in Scotland and two in Wales also use the service.
  • It is also used in private healthcare sites.
  • 5,000 recorded site visits every month.
  • Around 10,000 individuals from 1,000 companies hold a card.

Work is underay with GS1 colleagues to link up with the Scan4Safety work that many Trusts are already signed up to.

Industry staff can only access the badge if they are on the LSI National Credentialing Register and have complied with the appropriate register standards and MIA appointment system requirements.

Click here to view an up to date list of Trusts that you are able to access.

Important Information

What does this mean for me?
  1. LSI Register members who currently meet the standards will be transferred automatically to the LSI National Credentialing Register and will receive a new joint card at renewal. Prior to renewal, continue to use your existing separate LSI Register ID badge and MIA card.
  2. Current MIA cardholders will be identified by the Register at Tier X.  This is a transitional tier which demonstrates they are working towards meeting Register standards.
  3. Due to the continuing challenges we are all facing from Covid 19 the LSI National Credentialing Register have agreed to extend the deadline for transitioning from Tier X in extenuating circumstances. Whilst we cannot extend the deadline indefinitely we do recognise the challenges some representatives have faced due to furlough and other Covid related issues. We will constantly monitor the situation and be as flexible as we can.
  4. It is up to each individual to decide which tier is relevant for them in their role, and for training managers (or equivalents) to deem what is appropriate by way of product training.
  5. Training can be purchased from any recognised training provider, or provided by companies in-house

New applicants apply directly through MIA – Tel: 01732 920900 or

The combined cost is £60, which is made up of £30 + VAT for the MIA appointment element and a £30 registration fee (not vatable) for the LSI National Credentialing Register.

For any specific queries relating to the LSI National Credentialing Register, its standards, governance or training requirements, please call the Academy for Healthcare Science team on 01455 244 640.

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