User Guidance

In this section, you will find User Guides which will help you to:

  • understand the process
  • know what is required of you
  • navigate the Register Application Form

LSI Registration User Guide – tells you what information is needed from you to register

DBS Legal Guidance – providing guidance on the types of DBS checks and the level of check that is permitted.

Quality Assurance Guide to Employers. – For employers responsible for the delivery of LSI training.

LSI Education & Training Framework Matrix – to provide guidance on methods of training delivery and how the training should map against the standards of proficiency.

Tier Clarification document – to help you to understand the different Tiers, and which level will apply to you.

Registration Photo Guidance – to help in your choice of photo. Remember that the photo you upload will be the one on your Badge.

FAQ’s – find answers to your questions in one place.

Further publications can be found here

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Want to find out more about the register? View our detailed page on the register and what it entails.

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